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Woo, photo-a-rama. My recall is improved considerably by having photos (or other memorabilia) of places I've been and things I've done, so I tend to get a bit snaphappy. Having a digital camera for years didn't hurt that either, because you don't have to get them processed.


New Years Arcanacon Blairgowrie
Ken & Emma housewarming Murp CamP Thorfinn & Carla's wedding
Dinner @ Al Mazett Andrew, Erin, Julian housewarming conquest 2006
Holiday Nic & Lee's wedding Kyle's German club trip
kLara birthday Tim's going away Retrocon
Ken, Kristen, Tim's giant party Rob's birthday Lee & Jenni's housewarming
Jesse's 3rd birthday Schadenfreude party Fondue party
Unicon Matt's 40th Sophie's 1st birthday
Haylie & Matthew's wedding Glenn's 21st NotCamp scenery and people
Cavin's going away MURP Xmas BBQ

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