Online Executive Briefing, or the Word Document version.
(Thanks to Rob Shankly for that one, I just prettied it up a bit and wrote the cgi)

The Detective Font to go with it.
While I'm at it, the Conga font that I used for my Celebrity Skin Mythos Deck
(Warning: the deck is a page of images, over 1 Meg in total)

The Meteor Shower news article.
A map of West Virginia (dig that midi music:) and a map of Tucker county
Local copy of the west virginia map
profile.doc the psych profile of the serial killer (as a word document)
(This is mostly lifted from
and I was tired when I finished it. It could use polishing, but frankly given it's relevance
to the scenario, i don't care...)

Read about the exploits of the group I'm currently running through it.