Below are some links to some of my favorite photographers and also some of my own photography. I studied photography for 3 years at school and would like to have continued doing so, and if I ever get enough money and space I would like to set up my own darkroom and improve my techniques. The photographs of mine below were done in 1998 for school asignments, excuse the scanning.

Robert Mapplethorpe is my favorite photographer, all his images are technically perfect, sensual and many have caused controversy in recent times.(And he was sexy!) Most of his images deal with the human body which is something that I love to photograph. Many of his images can be seen at the ocaiw (I have no idea what this stands for).


These photographs are some of a series on the human body that I took at the beginning of 1998, click on them to see them at full size..

This is more recent..

The following are self portraits......

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