The Me Page

Me after a year 12 formal

    Name: Emma

    D.O.B: 20/12/80

    Place of birth: Jedda (Jiddah), Saudi Arabia

    Place of residence: Melbourne, Australia

    Star Sign: Sagittarius

    Hobbies: Photography, music, guitars, sex and computers to some small exstent

    Favorite food: Chocolate or bread or strawberries

    Favorite movie: The Labyrinth... mmmm Bowie in tights >:)

    Favorite bands: Faith no more/Kyuss/Pink Floyd

    Other bands I like: AIC, STP, Led Zep, The Fauves, Mr Bungle, Radiohead, RHCP, David Bowie, Prince, Carcass, Deep Purple...and a whole lot more embarassing crap ;)

    Best concert: Faith no more in 97 or 98.. I can't remeber when

    Favorite Cartoon/animation: Daria, she kicks ass

    Favorite Tv Show: hmm, x-files, buffy, angel, etc. etc.

    Favorite Colours: Black and Purple

    Likes: The ocean, cats, guitars, some computers, sex, bongs, sleep, N64

    Dislikes: Printers, joints, indoor swimming pools, small yappy dogs and people who dont understand the meaning of personal space