Werewolf Gifts

This is a collection of all the werewolf gifts from the various White Wolf sourcebooks I have - W:tA 2nd and 3rd ed, the original tribebooks, Werewolf Dark Ages and Wild West, Players Guide 2nd and 3rd ed, Velvet Shadow, Rage across the Heavens, Rage across Australia, Guardians of the Caerns, Werewolf:20th Anniversary edition... I think that's it. If it doesn't say what book it came from, its probably one of the core books - I didn't record the book name for a while.

2013-09 - all the PC tribe/group gifts from WW20 have been added. If they haven't changed from an earlier listing, they won't be marked as WW20 at all.

Some of them are also labeled with my name - these are ones I've either made up for the games I run, or have modifed to make them work for the style of game I run.

Long term plan is to provide a way for people to submit new gifts, or modifications to the system, but as its fundamentally for my games, I'm still thinking about that.

Meantime, have fun. :)

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